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Adoption is not giving up. It is giving life.

Adoption is a safe and compassionate option for women who are not ready to parent, but are choosing to protect their unborn baby’s life. Perhaps you are considering adoption because …

Whatever your reason for considering adoption, it’s important to understand your options so you can make an informed decision.

Our supportive staff would love to walk alongside you as you weigh this difficult decision. 

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Research has shown that pregnant teens and women who make an adoption plan are more likely to finish schooling, have better jobs and overall report a high level of satisfaction with their decision for adoption.

Adoption Options

You have the power to choose.

Open Adoption

Open adoption is the most common type and allows for contact between you, the adoptive parents, and the child. Additionally, as part of the adoption process, you will have an opportunity to meet and choose the family that will ultimately adopt your child.

There isn’t one level of openness that works for everyone, so this may take the form of phone calls, communicating through letters or emails, sending photos, or even spending physical time with your child.

Semi-Open Adoptions

In a semi-open adoption, communication between birth parents and adoptive parents is facilitated by an adoption agency or professional. The identity of all parties is kept confidential.

Interaction is typically limited to letters or cards. However, there might be non-identifying e-mails or visits hosted by the adoption professional. 

Closed Adoptions

A closed adoption allows no future communication between birth parents and the child or adoptive family. However, non-identifying physical characteristics and medical history may be made available. 

No single type of adoption is right for every situation. Whichever type of adoption you choose, you can have the peace of knowing your choice has given your child a future.

Next Steps When Considering Adoption


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Be Supported

We understand how difficult this decision can be for many women. We are here to walk alongside you on this journey.


Decide with Confidence

Whichever type of adoption you choose, or if you ultimately decide to be a parent, you can feel great about giving your child a future.

You have options. We can help.

Get answers to your adoption questions, so you can make the best decision for yourself and your baby.