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Am I Pregnant?

Young Blond Woman Holding Pregnancy Test With Worried Expression

The Answers You Need

Before you can make an informed choice about your pregnancy, you need answers to two important questions:

1. Am I pregnant?
2. How far along am I? 

We can provide the answers to these questions at no cost to you — even if you are uninsured.

Pregnancy Symptoms & Signs

Pregnancy Confirmation

If you experiencing some of those pregnancy symptoms or you’ve had unprotected sex (or contraceptive failure), we can help.

Abiding Hope offers free pregnancy tests and free limited ultrasounds which can confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

Even if you’ve taken a home pregnancy test, come see us. We can provide confirmation and help you explore your options in a safe, supportive environment.​

Schedule a confidential consultation today. Our services are available at no charge to you.

Answers & Support When You Need It Most